2023 Q1 Prism Update

We listen to your Prism feedback and the winners are in! Below are enhancements which aim to speed up data collection and eliminate friction points from the forest inventory business process:

  • We’re super excited to announce the mobile limiting distance tool. This tool indicates the distance from plot center to the face of a tree using tree DBH. On variable radius plots (prism cruises) this allows cruiser to quickly determine if a borderline tree is in the plot without having to consult a table. The limiting distance of a tree shows up – as shown in image below – after the cruiser enters a tree’s DBH. The limiting distance is written into the Prism geodatabase’s tree table. Please contact our team to quickly enable this feature during a time when there is a pause in your data collection. (released on Apple iOS and soon to be released for Android)

  • Addition of a ‘none’ option for all mobile picklists. Before if a user picked a value from a list of non-required data there was no way to set the value back to a blank.
  • Other minor fixes and usability improvements.
Other enhancements currently in development:

  • Change cruise configurations (plot types and data collection methods) on the mobile devices without logging out/in (when connected).
  • Support for more map symbology renderers to allow compatibility with Esri’s new map viewer and complex symbols such as those based on multiple criteria. Currently Prism maps support the ‘simple’ renderer which works from a single value in a map layer.
Tips to help you make the most of Prism in daily operations.

  • Stick with the classic map viewer in ArcGIS Online if you’re setting up Prism layer symbology at the item level. This can be configured within Settings in ArcGIS Online.
  • Setting Prism layer symbology in ArcGIS Online – Item – Visualization allows every map, apps like Field Maps and Prism to use the same colors and labels every time map layers are loaded. Setting symbols and labels on layer Items allows cruise maps to behave consistently for every user and every map.

Technology Brand Announcement

New Branding, Same Passion

Today’s business environment demands agile, scalable, and adaptive technology that keeps up with the ever-changing landscape.

That’s why the legacy systems like spreadsheets and file based PC software, still widely used in the forestry industry, are the technological equivalent of harvesting trees with axes.

Will they get the job done? Absolutely. But at what cost?

In 2023 companies risk being left behind without the right technology in place. Why? Because without the ability to easily track and analyze data over time or access critical information quickly and accurately from anywhere, organizations miss out on pivotal opportunities.

At Overstory Analytics, redefining forest technology is our passion. Technology should be seamlessly integrated into natural resources operations and leveraged to enable greater efficiency, faster decision making, cost savings, and improved resource management outcomes.

We’re here to make that happen for you.

That means transitioning from outdated workflows to a modern, cloud-based experience that keeps everyone on your team on the same page. From harvesting operations to inventory management, low code, cloud-based platforms and labor-saving automations harness your data’s true power and transform your business.

For us, it’s not just about using the latest technology – it’s about finding the perfect solutions to deliver ever-compounding operational value for your business. Therefore, we’re ushering in a new era of natural resource management utilizing incredible cloud-native technologies like Planet Labs, Prism for forest inventory, Microsoft’s Power BI, and Esri’s Web GIS.

According to The Motley Fool, “The cloud is the #1 technology for the next decade. And ultimately the foundation on which all smaller technologies in the near future are built.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Low code and cloud-native technologies have already revolutionized entire industries, and it’s time to bring that revolution to the forestry sector. We’re actively pushing the technology envelope to ensure that natural resource operations have the tools and insights they need to succeed in the 21st century.

“More companies will adopt the composable enterprise model, in which organizations configure their tools to be modular and interchangeable to better adapt to rapid changes in the market. Organizations that adopt the composable enterprise and an automation-first mindset should dramatically accelerate digital transformation and position themselves far better for the challenges to come.” – Low Code and the Future of Work, Forbes.

Why the shift? It’s simple: Data is the new resource, and its power lies in your ability to use it intelligently and efficiently. The companies that succeed in this new era of natural resource management will use technology to optimize their data and drive better decisions.

We’re proud to partner with technology companies such as Esri, Planet Labs, and Lim Geomatics to bring data-driven insights and workflow automation to forestry and resource management operations. Our team combines standardized data models, analytical capabilities, growth and yield, satellite remote sensing and cloud-managed services to achieve a Single Version of the Truth for assets. This real-time data is available and accessible to your team from anywhere on the planet so you can make fast data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

The future of forestry is bright, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge.

Let us show you what’s possible – contact us today to get started! redefine@soforest.com

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