Comprehensive Strategies for Timber & Land Management

The suite of services offered at SFC is predicated on a complex and extensive skill set embodied by the individuals that comprise our team. By pooling these collective skills, we are prepared to tackle your forest management needs from the most intensive investment analyses to recreationally driven projects and everything in between.

Over the last four decades, the experienced team at SFC has constantly evaluated timber and forest products markets on a local, regional, national, and global scale, so that we are consistently prepared to represent clients as exclusive agents in the selling of timber. Across a broad spectrum of client objectives, SFC is prepared to administer your timber sale from the preliminary planning stages until the final tree is harvested.

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Our approach to forest management is adaptive so our managers can implement the appropriate practice for a given stage in development and adjust to changing client objectives. The extensive background and level of experience at SFC allows managers to combine the art and science of forest management to produce the ultimate in forestland functionality.

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Planning for future returns and costs is crucial to understanding the performance of any asset. Unique to forest investments is the fact that individual, living trees comprise the assets. The biological and market-driven value appreciation, and the costs associated with providing the biological inputs necessary to maintain a productive forest must be understood.

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Landowner objectives determine the extent to which maintenance of a forested property is necessary. A minimum level of maintenance to provide access, identify land boundaries, and comply with forestry best management practices should be expected to ensure your forest assets achieve full market potential. Unique skill sets and relationships with sub-contractors allow the consultants at SFC to effectively manage our projects.

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As your trusted advisor, it is our ultimate goal to see the vision for your property come to fruition. We provide the options for reaching a desired result, help you determine the best avenue to reach your goal, then work diligently to execute the strategy. Though plans are often modified over time, fostering your vision into ultimate reality is our truest barometer of sucess.

  • “As we continue to adapt to growth and the demands of the technology world, it is imperative that we have the most advanced inventory software available. Milliken has found that in working with Southern Forestry Consultants and the introduction of Prism timber inventory software. With seamless GIS integration, we have created efficiencies in our inventory process that were not at our disposal before.” Trip Chavis III, President and CEO

    Milliken Advisors
  • “Our cruises went from 17% below cut out on the old inventory system to within 2% using Prism!”.

    Packaging and Lumber Company
  • “A single version of the truth for our forest assets has reduced the number of steps in both inventory and harvesting business processes by at least 50%.”

    Owner 400,000 Acres of Timberlands
  • “What your team offers for commercial Cloud solutions is spot on, we need more of this approach with our agriculture tech providers”.

    IT Director, multinational client
  • “The Web GIS for Forestry allowed Shoeheel Land Management’s team the ability to integrate all of our forestry data in one environment. Working from any location – and on any device – makes our team more efficient.”

    Shoeheel Land Management
  • “Had we not worked with you all to move our forest technology to the commercial cloud, we would have been dead in the water for running our operations during several staff COVID19 quarantines.”

    Large timberlands client
  • “Prism is great, it’s cutting our time to cruise in half.”

    Jordan Lumber
  • Dibby, Inc, our family owned tree farm, has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Southern Forestry Consultants, Inc. over many years. In addition to the bidding process, marking, and cut / harvest operations, they have helped develop a comprehensive Stewardship Forest plan and realistic 5-10 year forecasts; provided professional insight on site preparation, species selection based on soil tests and historical results, as well as the benefits and timing of stand fertilization. SFC has seamlessly tailored our forestry goals to compliment and assist the overall property objectives related to recreation, environmental concerns, and merchantable timber. 

    Our family has enjoyed and profited from our tree farm for several generations; SFC has been a critical part of the successful management of that asset and we look forward to a continued long-term relationship.

    Bill McMillan, Florida’s 2010 Tree Farmer of the Year
    Dibby, Inc.
  • As an avid hunter and fisherman, and proud landowner, my property provides the opportunities to pursue my passions. Moreover, I want my investment to continually accrue value. SFC understands these multiple objectives, and implements management strategies that ensure the habitat is suitable for wildlife and the timber asset is healthy and gaining value. Through my relationship with SFC, my property has been molded into a profitable investment that can be fully utilized for recreation both now and for generations to come.

    Will Butler