Success in the selling of timber can be measured in many forms, and at SFC we gauge that success against your objectives as a landowner. Assisting you in reaching your goals for the timber asset on your property is central to our guiding principles at SFC.

The forestry consultants at SFC realize that the decision to conduct a timber sale is complex and often difficult. We take great pride in our fiduciary responsibility to you, and as your executive agent, we:

Monitor and advise as to changing markets

While world-wide events and trends affect the macroeconomic environment for timber and influence timber investment decisions, local factors have a greater effect on the stumpage prices for a given timber sale. It is not uncommon for local stumpage prices to fluctuate twenty to thirty percent annually. Forestry Consultants at SFC monitor weather trends, local mill activity, and other market factors to guide our clients in the selling of timber.

Develop a detailed understanding of your objectives

Your reasons for selling timber are unique to your property and your objectives. Whether you’re looking to maximize revenue from a “rainy day” timber investment, selectively harvest to promote wildlife habitat, or anything in between, we provide guidance on maximizing the results from your timber sale.

Procure proposals through competitive bids and negotiations

The procurement segment of the timber industry is comprised of a network of mills and timber dealers that work in tandem to ultimately fill the combined mill capacity in a geographic area. The forestry consultants at SFC remain engaged with this procurement segment to ensure that we are cognizant of the latest needs and trends of the facilities in our region. These needs and trends affect the specifications for timber required at each mill and allow us to procure and analyze proposals from numerous purchasers so that we can provide our recommendation.

Prepare a timber cutting agreement tailored for each transaction

Your acceptance of a proposal to harvest timber is ultimately finalized with the preparation and execution of a Timber Cutting Agreement prepared by SFC and submitted for your review. This agreement indicates the agreed upon pricing, location, and specifications of the timber, and identifies SFC as your exclusive agent.

Monitor the harvesting operation from start to finish

Identification of the objectives, procurement of a proposal, and execution of an agreement complete the preliminary steps in the process, but the best made plans must be implemented properly to achieve the desired results. The forestry consultants at SFC work hand in hand with the buyer and equipment operators to ensure that the harvested timber is being utilized to maximize value, damage to residual trees and other improvements is minimal, logging is conducted in accordance with forestry and wildlife best management practices, and that your property is well-cared for throughout the process. Every load of timber harvested is identified through a ticketing system that allows for cross-referencing, so that all loads arriving at the mills can be reconciled with the loads leaving the harvesting operation.

Ensure that all financial transactions are accurate and complete

All payments for harvested timber are reviewed through an internal SFC process that utilizes an electronic timber sale system that provides a quantitative check on all calculations and a qualitative review by SFC personnel. Payments, reports, and summary sheets are provided to the landowner.