Wiregrass Ecological Associates, LLC is an environmental and ecological services firm committed to providing integrated solutions to complex ecological issues for our clients and customers. Since 2001, We have specialized in biodiversity and conservation, threatened and endangered species, wildlife and fisheries management, habitat enhancement and restoration, regulatory permitting and compliance, and geospatial technologies for clients in a variety of industries and market sectors.

Wiregrass Ecological Associates, LLC (WEA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Forestry Consultants (SFC), Inc. WEA was originally founded as The Wildlife Company (TWC), a division of SFC, in 2001 to provide a variety of wildlife, forest and environmental management services to forest products companies, private forest landowners, banks, trust, and institutional landowners. TWC focused primarily of on wildlife (game and nongame) and habitat management, including landscape-level biodiversity considerations and auditing services. As the geographic distribution and technical disciplines of services provided at TWC transformed over time, WEA was formed to more adequately represent the multidisciplinary approach and scope of the services provided. While maintaining expertise in wildlife and habitat management, WEA currently provides ecological services to meet the needs of clients in aviation; governmental, non-governmental, and research entities; forestry and natural resources industries; private and residential developments; and transportation market sectors.

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How We Help

As a leading environmental and ecological consultancy, Wiregrass Ecological Associates delivers efficient and timely results for a wide variety of restoration ecology, wildlife management, and environmental compliance projects. Our team of certified wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, and ecologists offers a diverse suite of services that includes habitat conservation planning, natural resource management, forest ecology, aquatic ecology, lake management, and much more.

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Ecological Experts

WEA staff possess the fundamental ecological expertise, training, and experience required to produce cost-effective and innovative solutions for our clients. WEA staff has developed key relationships with industry and regulatory personnel that provide our clients with channels for open dialogue and collaborative resolutions during any project. Additionally, WEA builds and leads project teams using select teaming partners with specialized skills in order to provide turnkey solutions for all environmental and ecological issues that face our clients.

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Do I Need a Certified Wildlife Biologist

While many professions from foresters to engineers to acupuncturists require professional licensing and registration at the state level, wildlife biologists and other environmental professions are primarily licensed through professional societies of their peers. These professional certifications recognize individuals possessing technical expertise, demonstrated experience, and a commitment to continuing education.

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