We’re proud to offer a forest inventory solution that is like no other in the industry. We worked with our partner Lim Geomatics to design the next generation forest inventory solution based on Esri’s ArcGIS Platform. Our foresters have been using this new product on both large and small projects and the time savings and impact to quality of work are resounding.

Prism consists of an advanced web app and mobile application, both which are map-centric, and support the entire workflow for cruising and field sampling. Plan your cruise in minutes with the web application, then sync data for offline use in the mobile app; navigate to plots in the woods to tally trees and come back to the office and your cruise is worked up and ready to go – all without ever handling a single data file. Whether you’re a contract cruiser trying to maximize production and meet data quality requirements, or an analyst managing field crews, Prism will save you time and improve the entire process of acquiring inventory data.  Some of the common inventory struggles we’re hearing from foresters and cruisers with include :

  • The feeling that one has got into the data management business at the expense of forest management.
  • Inventory data is a valued asset, but cannot be treated as such when it’s scattered through different software and spreadsheets.
  • Foresters and managers hear the excuse that current tools are hard to use and designed for experts.
  • One’s current technology is so cumbersome to use, there’s talk about going back to paper.

Prism Highlights:

  • Support large cruises without handling a single file.
  • Use your stand shapefile to setup a cruise in minutes.
  • Offline aerial imagery and tree tallying(editing).
  • Imagery is automatically downloaded around cruise stands.
  • Functional on all major consumer tablet hardware (Windows, Apple and Android) and even some phones.
  • Single sign on (SSO) for secure access with single login for both mobile web and mobile applications.
  • Cruise data is open and real-time accessible in other Esri applications like ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro and apps like Collector, Operations Dashboard or Explorer.
  • Thoughtfully designed interfaces for ease of use, and low training requirements.
  • Configure any type of tree or plot data fields and valid values in the web app and the mobile device will automatically change data entry based on the type of sampling for the plot being visited, e.g. survival check or pre-sale cruise.
  • Configurable error checking for data quality controls.
  • Updated on your device directly through app stores (Windows, Apple and Android).
  • Fully supported by SFC and Lim Geomatics.
  • Low risk and economical yearly subscription model reduces up front costs compared to legacy technologies.

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