What does redefining forest technology mean? It involves rethinking forest technology from the ground up. Forestry is a data driven business and many of the old tools haven’t kept pace. Many of the technologies in use in our industry are too hard to use, past or near end of life, and don’t easily integrate with each other. Without getting too techy, let’s just say we’re rethinking every aspect of forest technology from their longevity, design, ease of use and simple purchase transactions through app stores.

The rapid pace of business today means we need to use the most efficient and user friendly tools possible. We’ve been working hard to make timber cruising and environmental field sampling radically easier by building on the usability of devices like tablets. In our ongoing effort for Redefining Forest Technology, see our latest field solution called Prism. There’s nothing like Prism - it’s actually fun to use! Our foresters have been using it to simplify and streamline everything that goes into collecting field data, whether for a survival check, sale cruise or wildlife inventory.

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What is GIS Mapping?

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) also called geospatial technology is extremely powerful for dealing with location-based assets of all types.

You’ll find that people working with GIS are passionate about it because of its power an cross-domain applicability (we use it for real estate, forestry, ecological services projects in the office and in the field).

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Our Process

Loggers and site preparation applicators we work with are experiencing increased information demands from many sources including landowners and clients. To manage changes in daily operational priorities and keep pace with production, collaboration tools and a common source of information can make all the difference. We work with many organizations to enable mapping and information - what we like to call a “Single Version of the Truth” for your operations. For example, can anyone look up all current timber sales or treatment blocks and get the same answer? Can you easily find the status of jobs and share these or is it all done with phone calls and text messages? We support numerous organizations with tools like OpTrackerTM and powerful real time mapping so that teams can coordinate and track on any device wherever they are working, while also creating the maps and data needed for landowners or clients.

How We Help

You may have experienced the excitement of when a new tool or approach saved you time, or made your work stand out among your peers. As information demands steadily increase in business, we often find that traditional desktop tools like spreadsheets struggle to scale and facilitate sharing between people and locations. Organizations in all types of industries are acquiring powerful tools through annual subscriptions which drive efficiency and competitiveness without the burden of having to have servers or an IT departments. This has several advantages including lower up front costs, the ability to cancel a subscription and support for mobile devices out of the box. We’re working hard to bring this approach to forestry and natural resource through our partnership with Lim Geomatics.

You don’t need to be a technology expert to make use of the latest tools for forestry. The options for forestry technology are changing very fast, offering field and office staff more choices and improved capabilities such as a common repository for all data, and smart device access to inventory and treatment records from anywhere. If you’re comfortable with your smart phone and tablets, we can provide you a roadmap for extending your business information to these devices.

Geospatial GIS Solutions