Meet Today’s and Tomorrow’s Information Demands Through a Single Version of the Truth for Forest Assets.

Everything a Forest Management System does and much more!

Operating with Disparate Technologies Hurts the Bottom Line.

  • Software from different vendors and architectures rarely function harmoniously, requiring excessive labor and training to operate.
  • When Teams can’t easily use software in a way that works for them and their device, updates don’t make it in, creating operational gaps.
  • Inadequate tech costs operations by through lost time and missed opportunities.
  • Disparate technologies require constant attention to operate.
  • Older technologies increase the risks ransomware and prevent organizations from innovations which save time, automate and analyze assets for financial gains.

The Digital Age is Here, are You Prepared?

  • Are you handing the same information multiple times in different systems and need a better way?
  • Is your business experiencing increasing information demands?
  • Is it taking too long to get answers?
  • Is there a feeling that important work is slipping through the cracks?

Web GIS One Page Flier

Gain an Operational Edge with a Single Version of the Truth for Forest Assets.

Web GIS Solution in Plain Language:

  • “Single Point Data Entry” allowing data to be entered once and turned into usable information for everyone in real time.
  • Mobile maps, imagery and offline editing.
  • End to end (field to office and back) workflows for business areas such as inventory and sustainability monitoring.
  • Map, report and analyze expenses, revenue, plans, cutting activity and inventory in real time from anywhere.
  • Inventory and imagery are integrated with stands, tracts and treatments via Planet Labs imagery and Prism for forest inventory.
  • How is the Web GIS Solution Different?

    • Automated workload and high velocity analytics means instant answers for everyone without file handling and manual updates.
    • All components are actively maintained as part of Esri and Microsoft’s platforms to be up to date and operate disruption free over the long term unlike custom software when tends to go out of date and fall behind.
    • Your data is not locked up in a custom application – it’s open to all device types, the web and desktop applications.
    • More economical than custom software.
    • Not a one size fits all – configure apps, maps and reports for the way you operate.

    Land Records:

    • Tract documents such as deeds searchable by tract names and in web apps.
    • Access to up to date maps and land data by non-GIS users.
    • Streamline county tax payment processes.
    • Isolate mistakes tax bill to save tax expenses.

    Friction-free Information Delivery for Everyone:

    • Eliminate handling the same information in multiple systems.
    • Science-based inventory methods which are defensible, repeatable and centrally managed.
    • Reduction of lost time from one up to date version of tracts, stands, inventory and treatments accessible from wherever work is being done.
    • More consistent, defensible answers to operational questions which come up every day.
    • Automated answers for each level of the organization without having to wait for an analyst.

    Chemical Prescription Amounts and Mixes based on Treatments Scheduled on Stands.

    Power BI Cutting Schedule Reporting Directly from Web GIS – filterable by Year, Status and Operating Area.

    High Performance Inventory with Prism Integration:

    • Simplify operations but eliminating the need to shuffle around shapefiles between systems. Prism creates cruise grids from a single authoritative source for stands: recently planted (survival cruise), thinned (post thin cruise) or on deck for a harvest (pre-sale cruise).
    • More accurate timber estimations by implementing improvements from field methods to taper based functions.
    • A single source for inventory program methods: cruise types, data collection methods and product specifications.
    • Flexibility to support all cruise types on owned assets, stumpage, or acquisitions from a single solution.
    • Web GIS One Page Flier

      Overview of what’s included:

      Short video of Planet Labs Imagery for harvest monitoring and fast mobile access:

      Short video of Planet Labs Imagery in ArcGIS Pro using tracts in the Web GIS for Forestry: