The Web GIS for Forestry Solution Helps Meet Today’s Information Demands Through a Single Version of the Truth for Forest Assets.

Using the Wrong Technology Impacts your Operations.

  • Technology pieces and parts from different vendors cannot function as a whole, making information delivery slow, complex and unreliable.
  • Staff don’t adopt difficult to use tech, causing vital reporting data to get missed.
  • Maintenance and operation of pieces and parts tech impacts other important work.
  • Disparate technologies without a common architecture don’t easily integrate.
  • The wrong technology costs operations by consuming staff time, limiting innovation, growth and the need for focus on core forestry strengths.

The Digital Age is Here, are You Prepared?

  • Are you handing the same information multiple times in different systems and need a better way?
  • Is your business experiencing increasing demand for information?
  • Is it taking too long to get answers and generate information based deliverables?
  • Is there a feeling that important work is slipping through the cracks?
  • Does your organization have technical staff near retirement with no one to replace them?
  • Is there a need to do more with the same number of staff?

Web GIS One Page Flier

Give your Operations an Edge:

A Single Version of the Truth for Forest Assets.

Web GIS Solution in Plain Language:

  • “Single Point Data Entry” allowing data to be entered once and turned into usable information for everyone in real time.
  • Mobile maps, imagery and offline editing.
  • End to end (field to office and back) workflows for business areas such as inventory and sustainability monitoring.
  • Map, report and analyze expenses, revenue, plans, cutting activity and inventory in real time from anywhere.
  • Inventory and imagery are integrated. See Planet Labs imagery and Prism which are components of a web GIS strategy.
  • Why is the Web GIS solution different from competing products?

    • Automated workloads reduce error, speed up critical operations and eliminate double entry and file handling typical of legacy technologies.
    • All components are maintained in global computing platforms to be up to date, operate disruption and function for the long term.
    • Minimal dependencies on local hardware like PCs allows for easier updates, troubleshooting and maintenance.
    • Depth of data governance and standards across architecture components and data assets.
    • Rather than one way in and out for data, here one version of your data is open to all device types, the web and desktop.
    • On a per acre basis more economical than custom software and other solutions on the market.
    • Rather than a one size fits all application, configure your own apps, maps and reports around a Single Version of the Truth.

    Land Records:

    • Tract documents such as deeds searchable by tract names and in web apps.
    • Access to up to date maps and land data by non-GIS users.
    • Streamline county tax payment processes.
    • Isolate mistakes tax bill to save tax expenses.

    Friction-free Information Delivery for Everyone:

    • Eliminate handling the same information in multiple systems.
    • Science-based inventory methods which are defensible, repeatable and centrally managed.
    • Reduction of lost time from one up to date version of tracts, stands, inventory and treatments accessible from wherever work is being done.
    • More consistent, defensible answers to operational questions which come up every day.
    • Automatted answers for each level of the organization without having to wait for an analyst.

    High Performance Inventory with Prism Integration:

    • Simplify and eliminate the need to shuffle around shapefiles between systems. Prism creates cruise grids in up to date stands in the Web GIS: recently planted (survival cruise), thinned (post thin cruise) or on deck for a harvest (pre-sale cruise).
    • More accurate timber estimations by implementing improvements from field methods to equations.
    • A single source for inventory program methods: cruise types, data collection methods and product specifications.
    • Flexibility to support all cruise types on owned assets, stumpage, or acquisitions from a single solution.
    • Web GIS One Page Flier

      Overview of what’s included:

      Short video of Planet Labs Imagery for harvest monitoring and fast mobile access:

      Short video of Planet Labs Imagery in ArcGIS Pro using tracts in the Web GIS for Forestry: