Welcome! Prism is the latest forest technology for automating forest inventory to save time and keep you focused on the important work of forest asset management.

  • Professional Technology for Professionals:

    Fighting old technology to get the answers you need to manage forest assets?  

    • Many natural resources and forestry professionals are trying to run their businesses with old software which is frustrating and tedious to use.
    • The future of work will be more digital and with a greater need for information- but yesterday’s software continues to fall short of current expectations – a condition which is worsening over time.
    • Prism is the next generation of tech by forestry and trained software professionals which removes the frustration with getting the answers needed to run a forestry operation.


    Prism web application for cruise setup and a mobile app for offline data collection.

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  • Why Prism was Developed:

    Prism is built on current technology standard to get professionals out of the tedium of data, file and software management.

    • We looked across the available forest technology and saw that much of it was from the 1990s. While older technologies are often initially economical, they are increasingly expensive, risky and tedious to operate.
    • In a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, businesses needs assurances that technology investments will give results and continue to operate without disruption as the tech world continues to advance.

    Since the iPhone came out in 2007, the expectations for mobility and ease of use have changed dramatically.

    • Yesterdays tech won’t meet today’s information demands. Today it is imperative that your software be engineered to be easy to use, always working and updated without disruption.


    The Prism Mobile Application. 

  • How does Prism Work?

    Prism supports the forestry and environmental field sampling business process from end to end.

    • Prism is a web app for setup of cruises (species, volume methods, plots) and a mobile app for data collection.
    • Prism enables inventory workflows and data within all commonly used web browsers.
    • The Prism mobile app runs on all modern smart devices (iOS, Android, Windows 10).
    • The Prism mobile app allows data collection and imagery offline. Once a cruise job is loaded to the device in a connected state, one can then work disconnected in remote areas.
    • Working is easier, there are no plot ids to enter, no “templates” to switch when going from one sample type to another.
    • Prism data is open to see, use and edit via Esri tools like ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro (preferred), Collector, Operations Dashboard and Explorer.
    • Prism is map based and cruise data is integrated with spatial data such as stands and plots. No need to reenter stand data for a plot, plots are related back to the stand they are in.
    • See Prism in action and learn more with the resources linked below:

    SFC YouTube Channel

    Prism Help Resources

  • Advantages for Businesses and Agencies.

    What advantages does Prism provide for field data collection?

    • Simple and fast – automation means ZERO data or file management, whether there are 2 or 50 people collecting data.
    • Save time and eliminate bottlenecks across the entire inventory business process: trade emailing and the inability to see project status without manual processes FOR a real time operational view of project level KPMS down to each data element including when who updated it.
    • A low IT footprint – based in the reliable commercial cloud, accessed from any device means less files and support issues.
    • Anywhere, any device access to tools and data.
    • Real time visibility of work for everyone means less logistics and more field work/plots.
    • Error prevention and warnings means less bad data, and less time fixing data after being in the field.
    • Your data is yours, and only yours – it is not resold or used for other products and services.
    • Regularly updated and enhanced with no disruptions to users.
    • Cross platform – runs on modern hardware like iOS, Android and Windows 10.
    • Highly configurable by non-technical users. Support field projects off all types, from environmental, field checks, soil sampling to all types of forestry work.
    • No black box. You know how your cruises should cut out. Set volume methods that work for you to get the numbers you expect.

    “Prism is great, it’s cutting our time to cruise in half” – H. Sullivan.


    A large inventory in a real time Esri operations dashboard. 

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  • Forest Inventory on the Ground with Prism:

    Whether a 2 or 20 person shop, Prism meets the exacting accountability and transparency across the inventory business process.

    • See and control every aspect of data collection and computational methods. No “black box” for volume methods or proprietary file types which only work in one program.
    • Prism creates a Single Version of the Truth for inventory using standard data formats which can be accessed anywhere, by any device. Everyone on a cruise uses the same version of data in one place to eliminate confusion and multiple copies of data floating around in email or different computers.
    • With data flowing in from the field in real time, quality assurance is faster and simpler. Scan data in the office for anomalies, add flags for cruisers to quickly address issues – all without ever sending a file.
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    The following video shows how cruise setup to a volume reporting is automated down to minutes:

  • I use Plot Hound which may be Supported going forward, is Prism a good replacement option?

    We’re here to help you make the transition from any existing legacy forest technology!

    Prism subscribers are entitled to a support infrastructure which includes:

    • A help desk with documentation and how to videos.
    • Bug and support requests with rapid response times.
    • Implementation services by a team that also does real forestry and wildlife management.
    • Esri support and access to a global user community.
    • Capabilities equal to or better than Plot Hound with total control over your data within Prism or other Esri tools you already use.
    • Prism is backed by a full software engineering team to provide you years of worry free operation. 
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  • Why You Should Care about Information Technology Standards:

    Some organizations have IT professionals which evaluate technology purchases to ensure they are a strategic fit and meet rigorous IT standards.  Some of you don’t have IT resources to call on, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!   Why is this important?   

    • Several forestry organizations are getting hit by hacks and ransomware because they are running old tech. Going forward, we’ll all need to consider if the tech we buy follows IT standards and practices so that risk can be minimized.
    • Are you going to invest in software that has no update path?   If your new software is going to get updates, will your staff have to make sure updates are done, or do them for the vendor? If the vendor does updates, will they make sure they are done without disrupting operations?
    • Will your new software use security standards?
    • What should you consider with regard to integration, open data and standard?
    • For these kinds of questions, we have compiled common evaluation questions IT executives and professionals have asked as we worked with them on projects.  We hope you find this free information helpful!

    IT Evaluation Questions and Criteria