Welcome to the Prism page. Prism is the latest in forest inventory technology which enables forestry professionals with automated, map-centric forest sampling.


As a continuously evolving product, we continue to release new functionality based on your feedback. Read on to learn about Prism and how it can positively impacts your forestry or natural resources business.

Forest sampling (or cruising) is the primary source of data on forest structure and the estimated quantities of marketable forest products. Whether a small consulting firm or a TIMO, substantial time and expense goes to data collection to support business outcomes across silviculture, timber sale bids, harvest models and appraisals. The demand for quick answers to forest asset questions is increasing; forestry has become more digital and more data driven.

However, many folks in forestry are using forest technology which is no longer practical, and which works much the same as it did 25 years ago.
The iPhone has been out 13 years, but inventory teams are still emailing around proprietary (only opened by a certain software) files and performing manual data mgt tasks to keep inventory information in order. This all takes time, and if something changes way out there in the woods and needs to make into the authoritative project database, one has to roll back and the cycle starts all over again.

The sheer number of steps and manual processes in many inventory systems makes for substantial hidden costs of ownership in the form of your time.

If price is your foremost concern, you may find software which costs less – heck, maybe even free! Maybe you like to tinker and making things work is your thing (we totally get it!). Prism is $750 per year with a payback as short as a few weeks worth of cruising. If you don’t have time to tinker and need practical means to save time, we’ve worked hard to deliver on the kind of automation and simplicity which will result in more plots per day – view this video to see what we’re talking about.

Prism is an instrument designed by foresters for the important work foresters do every day. It meets the exacting accountability and transparency across the inventory business process. You control every aspect of computational methods, there are no “black boxes” for volume generation or proprietary file types.

Prism creates a Single Version of the Truth for inventory using standard data formats which can be accessed anywhere, by any device. All updates and access are based on the same version of data in one place to all but eliminate version confusion and multiple copies of data across teams. With data flowing in from the field in real time, quality assurance is faster and more impactful since project teams can catch issues fast before a cruiser has left the area. A complete re-think on the field to office and back workflows, Prism creates faster, more repeatable outcomes one expects in managing land and timber as financial assets.

Reach out to us, we’d like to hear what you think: redefine@soforest.com

Techy Mumbo Jumbo:

  • Prism is software. Use a web app in a browser to lay out cruises, then collect data offline in a mobile app.
  • Prism data is cloud based. It may freak you out, but much like those smartphone apps you’re using, Prism is enabled by cloud based data.
  • Prism is cross platform. It runs on modern hardware like iOS, Android and Windows 10 (not hardware running dead operating systems like Windows Mobile or Windows Mobile CE).
  • Prism is a living and breathing product. It will be around for years to come. It will be updated and enhanced (heck, we’d like to hear your killer ideas for a future release).
  • Prism works from anywhere. Whether home, the truck, the office.
  • Prism isn’t free. There’s currently no free version based us on getting access to your data like other apps do.
  • Your data is yours, not ours. Every bit and byte of it is yours to delete or download anytime.
  • Your data is open to you. Your data is not locked away in some black box where you can only get it out in some arcane format like pain-in-the-ascii. Being built on the ArcGIS platform, you can pull your data out and access it in Collector, ArcMap and Pro.
  • Prism is highly configurable. Support field projects off all types with any type of data, project and region.
  • Prism uses identity. Identity is a cornerstone of all modern computing platforms. A person has identity in Prism much like you do when you access email.
  • Prism is kept up-to-date for you. As technology and hardware change, Prism is maintained for you. Since much of Prism’s capabilities are in the cloud, it doesn’t care what version of windows you have.
  • Prism is not a black box. You know how your cruises should come out and how many tons will cut out of a stand. You set up your own volume methods by loading any table you wish so you can get the numbers you expect.
  • Prism has highly configurable reports. These reports can be exported for use in Excel; custom branded reports can be created on a case by case basis.

See a bunch of informative videos of Prism on the SFC YouTube Channel linked below.

SFC YouTube Channel

Download Prism Case Study

Prism Spring Release Tour: A three Minute video of numerous enhancements just released for Prism mobile and web


Prism May Update: A two Minute video showing the entire forest sampling workflow with Prism


Screen Captures of Prism Mobile, Web app and Prism data in ArcGIS Apps:Stand Stock Table