Redefining Forest Technology means rethinking natural resources technology from the ground up. Yesterday's technology tools are not meeting today's information demands, causing organizations to fall behind and incur unnecessary expenses.

Forestry and natural resources are data driven with unique digital needs in the office and in the field. A digital strategy for information assets is imperative as projects require more data and information demands increase.

However, many organizations are tied to 1990s desktop file based tech and custom software which seriously limits their ability to adapt, grow and unlock the value of their information assets.

Our team provides modern forest technologies including software, data models, asset analytics, growth and yield, satellite remote sensing and cloud managed services. Our customers benefit from real time, any device access to a Single Version of the Truth for forest assets wherever forestry work is being done.

While forestry and natural resources professionals didn't necessarily get into the profession to become technology experts, there is a recognition that land and timber asset data and information is critical to operations and market competitiveness.

Organizations which can answer asset questions quick and reliably benefit from more bottom line value and reduce the time spent hunting down answers.

However, many organizations have built in house technology systems (spreadsheets, Access databases) or assembled disparate vendor technologies which require constant tending. The result is slow response times, limited usability, or risk of disruption when technical staff leave or retire.

We have proven the approaches to transition to Cloud Native technologies like used on modern devices we all use every day at home. Forestry and natural resource professionals don't need to know the ins and outs of current tech - but there is a strong sense that today one's business needs to be technically capable.

Reliable, easy to use systems which provide real-time answers is transformational. Trust in information and systems is increased, and organizations achieve “Recurring Value” which compounds over time as teams save time and get consistent answers.

Why Redefine?

While foresters wouldn't think of buying an old, used truck to work in the woods, many forestry technologies in use today are the functional equivalent of an old, used truck.

Smart device ready services from Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and business systems like Quickbooks Online are what are called "Cloud Native" technologies. Cloud native technologies form the backbone of our digital economy because their flexibility, capability and favorable cost. Redefining forest technology is about bringing the power of Cloud Native tech to the forestry workplace to automate, simplify and increase an organization's capabilities to operate, grow and respond to markets.

"Cloud native is about speed and agility. Business systems are evolving from enabling business capabilities to weapons of strategic transformation that accelerate business velocity and growth. It's imperative to get new ideas to market immediately." -Microsoft

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Cloud Native Solutions

How our Team Helps

Digitally enabling forest operations has never been easier, are you ready?

Smartphones, tablets, apps and streaming services - we all use them every day at home.

Escape the tedium of managing data and disparate legacy technologies so you can focus on core strengths. Every component from harvesting, maps, inventory, imagery and forest accounting function together as a single integrated whole which is always up to date.

This graphic shows why a Single Version of the Truth for Assets is at the heart of simplification, reduction of clutter and finally having every everyone on the same page:

"Digital Twin" graphic and how it enables teams with a Single Version of the Truth

Our popular Web GIS for Forestry solution

What our Team Brings to the Table

As forestry and natural resources professionals we understand your challenges. We love working in forestry partly because of the individualism. To us, independent thinking in our industry is not doing things "the way they've always been done" rather "doing the right things to get things done efficiently".

If the idea of shaking things up a bit and having some fun while at it appeals to you, reach out to us and we'll show you how easy it can be to adopt a digital strategy which will impact the bottom line for years to come.

  • “Our cruises went from 17% below cut out on the old inventory system to within 2% using Prism!”.

    Packaging and Lumber Company
  • “A single version of the truth for our forest assets has reduced the number of steps in both inventory and harvesting business processes by at least 50%.”

    Large timberlands client
  • “What your team offers for commercial Cloud solutions is spot on, we need more of this approach with our agriculture tech providers”.

    IT Director, multinational client
  • “SFC’s Web GIS for Forestry allowed Shoeheel Land Management’s team the ability to integrate all of our forestry data in one environment. Working from any location – and on any device – makes our team more efficient.”

    Shoeheel Land Management
  • “Had we not worked with you all to move our forest technology to the commercial cloud, we would have been dead in the water for running our operations during several staff COVID19 quarantines.”

    Large timberlands client
  • “Prism is great, it’s cutting our time to cruise in half.”

    Jordan Lumber