Redefining Forest Technology is about rethinking natural resources technology from the ground up. Yesterday's technology tools are not meeting today's information demands, causing organizations to fall behind and incur unnecessary expense and complexity.

Forestry and natural resources are data driven businesses with unique field work and collaboration needs. As projects move faster and information demands increase, a strategy across all information assets is a business imperative. However, many organizations are being held back by 1990s desktop technologies and antiquated information practices. Read below on practical options as your organization forges forward into the digital future.

Our team offers the only "Cloud Native" technologies specifically tailored to forestry and wood products. While executives and managers don't really want to know all the technical ins and outs of Cloud Native, they often know what it looks compared to the tools of the past.

While forestry and natural resources professionals didn't get into the profession to focus on technology, there is consensus that information is critical to business operations and market competitiveness. The role of information and data in operations continues to increase at the same time as organizations grapple with security and anywhere, any device access.

Due to a lack of investments by tech vendors and a below average R&D spend compared to other sectors, the forestry industry had few practical options which match the utility and conveniences witnessed every day online and on smart devices.

We've invested in the digital future of our industry and proudly offer new Cloud Native choices which meet modern standards for IT, security, real time updates and accessibility.

Why Redefine?

While foresters wouldn't think of buying a used pickup truck to work in the woods, they often end up trying operate their business with the technology equivalents of a 1981 two wheel drive pickup.

Smart devices and online services from Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and Apple are enabled by a "Cloud Native" technologies. Like the tools we use at home, workplace digital toolsets offer the potential to automate and increase an organization's capabilities to grow. Achieving digital success and embracing an information hungry future means managers and executives must understand what they are investing in and the long term harm of not embracing cloud computing now.

"Cloud native is about speed and agility. Business systems are evolving from enabling business capabilities to weapons of strategic transformation that accelerate business velocity and growth. It's imperative to get new ideas to market immediately." -Microsoft

Forest Technologies with an Impact

How our Team Helps

Forestry Doesn't have to Miss out on the Benefits of Modern Technology

We help organizations get out of the technology pieces and parts mess of failed promises. Anywhere, any device access to information and simplicity allows teams to meet today's and tomorrow's increasing information demands. With all the parts of the information technology puzzle functioning as one, our customers escape the tedium of managing data and technology and refocus on their core mission.

To see the potential of transformational forestry technology, have a look at some our team's work.

Field Solutions

What our Team Brings to the Table

As forestry and natural resources professionals first, we understand your world and the industry challenge patterns. As experienced technologists we can talk through what works and what doesn't before getting out the wrenches. With a depth of experience and many proven implementations across the Southeast, we can help create a solid definition of success with a roadmap to reach it.

  • “What your team offers for commercial Cloud solutions is spot on, we need more of this approach with our agriculture tech providers”.

    IT Director for multinational client
  • SFC’s Web GIS for Forestry solution and GIS staff has allowed Shoeheel Land Management’s team the ability to integrate all of our forestry data through mobile applications and desktop mapping services. Working from any location, on any device, makes our team more efficient.

    Shoeheel Land Management
  • Had we not worked with you all to move our forest technology to the commercial cloud, we would have been dead in the water for running our operations during several staff COVID19 quarantines.

    Anonymous Large Landowning Client
  • Prism is great, it’s cutting our time to cruise in half.

    Jordan Lumber