Redefining Forest Technology is about how our team is rethinking all natural resources technology from the ground up. Yesterday's technology tools are not meeting today's information demands, causing organizations to fall behind and incur unnecessary expenses and workplace complexity.

Forestry and natural resources are data driven businesses with unique field work, sampling and collaboration needs. Accountability, security and best practices across all information assets is imperative today as projects move faster and clients increasingly demand digital updates and deliverables. However, many organizations are being held back by 1990s desktop technologies and information management approaches. Read on to learn more about practical options as your organization forges forward into the digital future.

While forestry and natural resources professionals didn't get into the profession to focus on technology, it’s understood that information is critical to business operations. The critical role of information in operations is increasing rapidly, and there is a imperative for information to be secure and accessible from anywhere. As we function in a more information-driven business world, digital strategy built on a proven foundation is essential for growth and even survival as markets and customer demands shift.

We've invested in the digital future of our industry and made significant investments to offer more choices, choices which reflect the technology of today.

Due to a lack of investments by tech vendors and a below average R&D spend compared to other sectors, the forestry industry lacks technology choices which reflect current standards.

Forestry and natural resources organizations frequently miss out on game changing technologies already benefiting other sectors. A fragmented pieces and parts approach to technology creates risk, uncertainty, complexity and can hold organizations back from opportunities to grow and diversify.

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Navigating today's technology landscape and jargon can be frustrating.

We take a non-technical, business minded approach which helps forest asset managers solve the most important problems first and identify the true cost of ownership and risk of different approaches.

Forest Technologies with an Impact

How our Team Helps

The Forestry Sector is Missing out on the Benefits of Modern Technology

The same old players are peddling yesterdays pieces and parts tech because it makes them money. We help dozens of organizations which found the hard way that a pieces and parts can't meet today's increasing information demands. Providing you a strategy means common architecture so that all the parts fit into a whole - allowing information assets to be securely extended to anyone, anywhere and fast. As part of a rapidly growing community, continuous improvements is the name of the game meaning you have a say, and your operations are always seeing new value.

To see the potential of transformational forestry technology, have a look at some our team's work.

Field Solutions

What our Team Brings to the Table

As experienced technologists and land managers, we are your trusted partners because we know getting results goes way beyond the next shiny new thing, it's about strategies which fit where your team is today and what will bring value to your operations.

We’ve taken the time and made the investments in to prove a new way of supporting natural resources organizations. Get in touch and see the different between the pieces and parts approach and thoughtful information strategy which delivers value over the long term?

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  • “What your team offers for commercial Cloud solutions is spot on, we need more of this approach with our agriculture tech providers”.

    IT Director for multinational client
  • SFC’s Web GIS for Forestry solution and GIS staff has allowed Shoeheel Land Management’s team the ability to integrate all of our forestry data through mobile applications and desktop mapping services. Working from any location, on any device, makes our team more efficient.

    Shoeheel Land Management
  • Had we not worked with you all to move our forest technology to the commercial cloud, we would have been dead in the water for running our operations during several staff COVID19 quarantines.

    Anonymous Large Landowning Client
  • Prism is great, it’s cutting our time to cruise in half.

    Jordan Lumber