Forestry Geospatial Technology Solutions

SFC is a dedicated southeastern re-seller for Lim Geomatics geospatial technology.  We work closely with Lim Geomatics to design and localize their proven geospatial technologies and Esri’s ArcGIS for use in our daily forestry and logging operations and to offer to the industry as products and services.

The way we use technology for work has changed radically in the past 10 years  – you probably carry a smartphone everywhere you go.  Part of the power of smartphones are “apps” which are simple to use and rarely require any training.  From our use of phones and tablets have arisen new expectations for ease of use, and everywhere access to data.  We all want content which is easy to find and interact with, and so we can share information quickly.   Read on to learn more about how we’re working to modernize the way foresters get things done.



Natural Resource managers and foresters are charged with optimizing outcomes for high value land and timber assets. Many natural resource managers find themselves looking over a digital divide which they are uncertain how to cross - as they are continuously challenged with new information demands from employees, upper management and clients. These new digital demands come from younger workers which expect to access business systems on their smart devices, and at times, a younger generation of landowners which expects regular email updates on forest management progress. SFC and its partners work closely with the industry to enable real time asset visibility for the modern workforce which expects to look up information on a smart device wherever they might be.

Read on to learn how we’re Redefining Forest Technology to remove the old barriers which prevent forestry companies of all sizes from realizing the value of information while keeping focused on the core mission of forest management.

Our popular Web GIS for Forestry offering allows forest asset managers to digitally transform operations. As a fully managed solution, organizations with few in house technical resources can leverage enterprise scale functionality at an economical price. Deliver teams a Single Version of the Truth for forest assets>: authoritative inventory and stand treatment history from anywhere work is being done.

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Planet Labs imagery is a game changer for forestry. As a reseller and service provider, we make sure our clients can make the most of this imagery services streamed directly to Esri GIS on all acres and updated every day. Combined with a strategy for web GIS, the use of Planet labs transforms how forest operations leverage imagery – making imagery easier to use and manage, more available across the organization and quite often with an economical advantage to traditional imagery programs like drones and fixed wing aircraft.

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Automated, Map-Centric Cruising

Prism digitally enables forestry and natural resources organizations to collect for asset data fast, in real time and with minimal technical skills. Read on to learn more about how Prism reduces the hidden costs and frustrations so common in the forest inventory business process.

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Welcome to a new era of forest inventory & asset management with highly-configurable and user-friendly software designed to future-proof your bottom line.

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OpTracker™ is a powerful, map based solution for logging and forestry site applicators. OpTracker™ includes a web application for owner/supervisors, and a mobile mapping app for equipment like site prep skidders, feller-bunchers or cut down machines.

The mobile app operates completely offline with maps of treatment or sale areas boundaries, streams and aerial imagery.

Machine operators have maps with real time GPS location on the stand as they navigate work a site while generating GPS tracks for analysis of where work has been done. Machine tracks are automatically analyzed by the web application to show completion by operator and date to create a real time view of progress as a percent of total area as well as machine productivity.

Completed area data supports contract requirements as either a treatment area shapefile or in a published map.

See our full product description to learn more.

There is a big shift in how forest inventory is being done around the world. For medium and large forest asset owners the rich datasets which result from a lidar inventory are a game changer: there’s a number for basal area, volume and stocking for each pixel across a stand. While a lidar inventory does not completely replace ground sampling it can dramatically reduce the number of cruise plots installed while resulting in a dataset that characterizes every acre of forest in terms of structure, volume and stocking. One challenge that those trying to use lidar run into is turning these huge datasets into something ready to use. AFRIDS was developed to interrogate lidar big data through a rich, high performance web GIS application.

We work with our partners Lim Geomatics to capture ultra-high accuracy field data which to correlate to lidar and output a very accurate area based inventory for timberlands.  Lim Geomatics has the proven algorithms and big data delivery experience and SFC has the forestry and field experience to make for a successful project. A lidar inventory is most suitable for larger landholdings where economies of scale come to play.  Some of the benefits of lidar inventory are:

  • Dataset is continuous across a timberland where each pixel in the picture has a volume compared to traditional sample based inventory which is typically at a plot or stand level.
  • One also gets other data such as surface and elevation models useful for much more accurate extraction of road and stream features.

We design and host custom solutions for natural resources such as threatened and endangered species management including geospatial tracking, field maps and project invoicing. Our team provides expertise in forest inventory, timber sale and wood accounting. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your challenges.

We know the timber sale business and forestry consulting well. We can help you use modern, IT compliant software to securely track and reconcile your wood deliveries. Your data will be secure and in a dedicated computing environment so that only your organization can access it.

Our team deploys and manages urban inventory field systems such as tablets, GPS and the specialized field and office software.  We take care of it all to ensure you get good data fast and save time on your field work. This service can be provided on a temporary or permanent basis, and be integrated with your own ArcGIS resources.   For example:

  • Host and run a full inventory solution along with field labor.
  • Host a hybrid solution which uses part of your infrastructure and software fed by our field applications.
  • Or, we can help you set up your infrastructure and field solutions using your in house ArcGIS resources.

Other services we provide to our clients:

  • Harvest Planning
  • Timber Cruising Technologies
  • Forest Land Cover Mapping
  • Geospatial and Data Services
  • Environmental and ecological project support.