Forest Technology Solutions

As leading providers of forestry technologies, our team helps simplify sustainable forest asset management.

From inventory to imagery, we help organizations transform how they do business through a Single Version of the Truth for owned or managed forest assets.

If you’re using technology which isn’t based on cloud computing you’re likely missing out on key operational benefits and paying more. Technologies which aren’t cloud architected will be obsolete sooner, require more maintenance and more labor spent moving information around.

A Cloud Native centered approach simplifies, allows for trouble free operation for years and lowers cost of ownership. Operationally, organizations realize single point of data entry, real time anywhere access to content and minimal infrastructure to purchase/maintain. Follow the links below to learn more about how to get there!

Natural Resource managers and foresters specialize in optimizing outcomes on high value land and timber assets. Many natural resource managers find themselves looking over a digital divide which they are uncertain how to cross. The technology and information management practices of yesterday are not keeping pace with today's increasing information demands and pace of business.

The Web GIS for Forestry combines the best of globally used computing platforms to function as a single solution. As a fully managed solution in the Azure cloud, organizations with limited in house technical resources can operate powerful functionality at a modest investment. Digitally transform operations with A Single Version of the Truth for forest assets in real time, anywhere work is being done.

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Turnkey services to support or run inventory system from end to end.   A good inventory system needs current and capable technologies and information management practices.  Click below to learn more about how to get more value from data investments.

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Planet Labs imagery is a game changer for forestry. As a reseller and service provider, we make sure our clients can make the most of this imagery services streamed directly to Esri GIS on all acres and updated every day. Combined with a strategy for web GIS, the use of Planet labs transforms how forest operations leverage imagery – making imagery easier to use and manage, more available across the organization and quite often with an economical advantage to traditional imagery programs like drones and fixed wing aircraft.

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Automated, Map-Centric Cruising

Prism digitally enables forestry and natural resources organizations to collect for asset data fast, in real time and with minimal technical skills. Read on to learn more about how Prism reduces the hidden costs and frustrations so common in the forest inventory business process.

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Our work with agencies and companies on sensitive species has resulted in transformative technologies for simplifying the management of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker (RCW). Management of the RCW requires data and inputs from multiple sources, each of which can regularly change and impact habitat analysis.

With an increasing amount of sensitive species work to be done, biologists need tools which make processes simpler, repeatable and output reliable results.

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Welcome to a new era of forest inventory & asset management with highly-configurable and user-friendly software designed to future-proof your bottom line.

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OpTracker™ is a powerful, map based solution for logging and forestry site applicators. OpTracker™ includes a web application for owner/supervisors, and a mobile mapping app for equipment like site prep skidders, feller-bunchers or cut down machines.

The mobile app operates completely offline with maps of treatment or sale areas boundaries, streams and aerial imagery.

Machine operators have maps with real time GPS location on the stand as they navigate work a site while generating GPS tracks for analysis of where work has been done. Machine tracks are automatically analyzed by the web application to show completion by operator and date to create a real time view of progress as a percent of total area as well as machine productivity.

Completed area data supports contract requirements as either a treatment area shapefile or in a published map.

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Many of our forestry and wood products solutions support sustainability whether sustained yield, planting or forest certification programs. Supply and operational visibility is essential as more sustainability questions originate from the marketplace and stakeholders. A strategy to monitor supply, resources across dispersed geographies is essential for businesses which need to attest to sustainable practices or increase market competitiveness.

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