Game changing satellite imagery for forestry.

As a Planet Labs partner and experts on forestry, SFC helps clients with an imagery strategy which brings immediate operational benefits.

  • Operate at Scale:

    When you’re juggling multiple timber sales, contractors and employees, time is at a premium.   Real time imagery is actionable for monitoring forest operations, updating status and making sure work doesn’t slip between the cracks.    

    • Imagery from yesterday on your screen with your stands and tracts without ever downloading an imagery file.
    • Know if a contractor is active on a tract, and how much is done without having to drive to the site, or walk the perimeter to see progress (or lack of).
    • Significant cost savings (up to 50%) over traditional imagery from drone or fixed wing.
    • No file handling or data management needed to monitor the progression of site prep or harvests.
    • Flexible subscription model for organization wide imagery access with various resolution and temporal options.

    Planet Labs Imagery is streamed directly to any application or device.  

  • I Already get Free Imagery, why is Planet Labs Better?

    If you need a recent image of  tract, or an image from a specific date in the past, you may be out of luck.  If you can find it, you have to take the time and then download the files.  As veteran foresters and Planet experts, we spec out an imagery program which delivers immediate operational benefits. 

    • Do you really want to spend time searching, downloading and managing imagery?  Downloading gigabyte + imagery files is a thing of the past – Planet Labs has taken the pain of imagery away by streaming imagery right into ArcGIS and a web browser.
    • Instead of good enough, find imagery that’s recent or for a specific point in time.   Search for the image you need and use it in a map with your tracts or stands all within seconds.
    • Multiple resolutions from 3.7m (Daily Monitoring) to 0.5m (SkySat) to fit various needs.  See below comparison of medium resolution imagery with free options often used in forestry.
    • Imagery distribution is built in since Planet Labs streams to GIS software or a web browser – this means everyone in your operations can see imagery without having to post, publish or distribute huge imagery files.

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  • What does SFC bring to the table?

    Planet is a relatively new product with tons of amazing features and product options.   Would your rather figure it out on your own, or work with a partner who knows how to apply Planet tools to your business?    

    • We’re Planet Labs imagery experts with a deep understanding of forestry and GIS.  This means we help you navigate the options, and strategy which makes imagery work with the rest of your data and systems.
    • We provide improved workflows for the use of imagery in forestry operations and its use in updating business data.
    • We handle high resolution SkySat tasking requests for you in minutes so you don’t have to.
    • Optionally we can implement automation tools to make your imagery even more powerful. .
    • On call tech support so you can stay focused on forestry.

    Planet Labs in ArcGIS Pro – searchable for use in a map with stands and tracts. 
  • Get your Digital Edge!

    Redefining Forest Technology is more than talk, it’s about rethinking forest technology from the ground.     To compete in the digital age – where work gets done from anywhere and everyone has a device – requires a new way of doing things.  Redefining Forest Technology means:

    • Success with forest technology isn’t left to chance  – Planet Labs is a component of a proactive strategy for digitally enabling operations with tools which save time and increase operational visibility.
    • Yesterdays tools and approaches no longer meet the information needs of the modern workforce – the use of Planet Labs is part of a carefully crafted strategy to save trips, reduce complexity and make sure you can deliver an up to date view of forest assets.
    • Planet Labs imagery complements our Web GIS for Forestry architecture to avoid unnecessary steps, data silos and for interoperability across system components, e.g. use your Planet imagery across any ArcGIS app!

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