Op Tracker enables forestry applicators, site preparers and loggers with the tools to account for where and how many acres of work has been done and create professional maps and reports.

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Small family forestry businesses are experiencing increasing information demands from clients.

Information and maps are essential to plan, and operate efficiently and at increasing scale. Demonstrating the quality and completeness of work with data and maps is often a contract requirement. The ability leverage technology in daily operations will decide between who win bids and make a profit and those which are left behind.

There are few up-to-date software tools made specifically for forestry operators.

Trying to use bad software is like trying to operate with old, run down equipment – it wastes time and money. Since we work with operators every day, we understand you need tools that work and which are simple to use. Going to every machine with a usb drive and then taking that drive to the office to mess around with files and data is a 1990s thing, very frustrating and unnecessary. Op Tracker automates the process of tracking work and getting data – there is little data management for forestry folks to have to learn. All tracts maps and machine tracks are open to be monitored in any smart device or web based applications. Your data is yours, and you can always get it out as a shapefile or other formats.

Op Tracker is designed by forestry and logging professionals, and supports the way our industry operates.

Op Tracker is designed to support the way forestry landowners, consultants and operators work: 1. A landowner or consultant sends an operator a shapefile, 2. operator loads tract shapefile to a web app, 3. tablets on machines use tract maps offline and record tracks of treated or cut areas, 4. a Supervisor or office admin can see the status and completion % for all tracts and equipment from anywhere they can get online, 5. when complete, a supervisor burns off a map of completed areas and sends it in with an invoice. Op Tracker does way more than just these things – and most importantly, makes sure the big stuff gets done right the first time.

Examples of how Op Tracker is being used to address every day challenges.

  • Remotely monitor the work of multiple machines to make sure no areas are missed.
  • Create a single source of tract information(maps) which everyone can see and access from any device.
  • Save time making maps and reports compared to the hodge-podge of old technology tools previously used.
  • Accurately capture the location of loading areas and keep their data for posterity and for client maps.
  • Step up the professional look and feel of maps coming out of the shop.
  • Shorten the time and hassle from the point a landowner gets you a shapefile to when an invoice and map is sent.
  • We’re in this to support an industry we love.

  • We work with professional software engineers to make sure Op Tracker will be here tomorrow and 5 years from now.
  • Always up to date, always getting better – Op Tracker is a living and breathing software solution.
  • Fully supported by SFC and Lim Geomatics.
  • No special hardware, works on commercial devices like iPads, Android tablets and Windows 10 devices.
  • Op Tracker consists of a web app and a mobile app which functions offline on machines.
  • Op Tracker is an integrated business solution specifically designed for forestry.
  • Our company and partners use Op Tracker in our Southeastern operations so we walk the walk!
  • Download a 30 day Op Tracker trial on the Esri marketplace

    See our Op Tracker Case study

    Op Tracker web application showing a treatment tract with a loading area marked on the north:

    Mobile application showing boundary alerts for operator

    Op Tracker mobile application with machine tracking within an offline map:

    Mobile application showing boundary alerts for operator

    Reach out to us, we’d like to hear what you think: redefine@soforest.com