The Problem

Site preparation operators lack a operational visibility to plan and coordinate multiple jobs and equipment while meeting new information and mapping demands of landowners. With the fast paced, high production business of site preparation today, where operators treat 20 or 30 thousand acres in a year across stands scattered over hundreds of square miles, maintaining visibility for work progress, the status of jobs and keeping teams on the same page can be very challenging . Owners of these crews previously had no means to see how much of a single job was complete in a real time way, or know the last moment a piece of equipment was active. Also, many land owners are now requiring site preparation operators provide them high quality maps and GPS tracks for completed work.

The Solution

Guest Forestry and SFC worked together to enable intective mapping and treatment tracking through OpTrackerTM on an iPad. With machines enable with offline mapping tool, Guest forestry is able to see the progress (% completion) of all jobs while giving each machine a real time map of treatment area and areas done.

In the words of Burt Guest:

“With gps tracks of where treatments were done, we can make high quality maps which demonstrate the completion of treatments within a client’s boundaries. A real time map provides a quick and easy way for an operator to know what’s been done and where the boundaries are – this provides us peace of mind that the right acres were treated and with the data to prove it.”