Redefining forest technology means rethinking forest technology from the ground up because yesterday's tools won't solve today's or tomorrows challenges. Forestry is a data driven business with a steadily increasing demands for actionable information. However, many of the technologies currently in use in our industry are difficult to use, near end of life, and don’t easily integrate with each other - the consequences being substantial hidden costs in upkeep and data management and low returns for data assets.

Distributing forest asset information by email means your data can get in anyone's hands; when you revise your data, you'll need to send it out again and take time to explain what's changed. Many natural resource professionals are spending massive amounts of time shuffling files around to colleagues and to contractors rather than using modern collaboration tools. A lean workforce and increasing demands for actionable information requires that we use our time to focus on our core business, make repeatable, data driven decisions and create broad access to information.

The pieces of your technology puzzle can fit into a whole, your organization can be on the same page on where current up-to-date information is, and you can reduce the time spent on shuffling around files. Real time collaboration which better captures the value from data investments starts with a strategy to democratize information for use anywhere work is being done - the office, the truck or in the woods.

One way our foresters and customers are achieving their visions of a data driven business is through the adoption of modern applications (Apps) which run on consumer devices like phones and tablets. An example of such an App we've been working on is Prism which offers Automated Map-Centric Cruising. Using Prism means no data files to handle and you hold the keys to all your data and volume methods. 2 cruisers or 10 can sync their data to one single repository without touching a single file or having to sort through data for issues which prevent data from being combined. Prism was designed by - and is presently used - by our team of forestry professionals.

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Don't know where to begin?

Navigating today's technology landscape can be a real challenge, creating more confusion than clarity. What are the right questions to ask when looking at a new technology or vendor?

We understand the pitfalls regarding strategic technology choices, and can help you evaluate the broader questions like true cost of ownership and risk.

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Our Process

Loggers and site preparation applicators we work with are experiencing increased information demands from many sources including landowners and clients. Forest Certification systems like SFI and FSC require increased operational visibility and accountability which are best met by high quality location based data. To meet landowners demands, manage changes in daily operational priorities - all while maintaining production - means providing teams a common source of information accessible by the modern devices we all carry in our pockets while working. Read on to learn how organizations can use off the shelf solutions to provide teams a “Single Version of the Truth” (SVOT) for operations. Shift from paper maps, hand notes and text messages to a world where everyone knows where accurate and real time authoritative information can be accessed from any device. Look up current timber sales or treatment block maps along with any key business information being tracked on those assets. We support numerous forestry and wood products organizations with easy to use tools like Op TrackerTM which are proven to make a positive impact on the bottom line.

How We Help

As information demands steadily increase in forestry and wood products, traditional desktop (pc) tools like spreadsheets fall short when project complexity rises since there are few ways for everyone to see the same information and updates. We partner with organizations of all sizes to provide access to modern, powerful computing platforms which provide a real-time, common operating picture with minimal code, need for onsite infrastructure or staff with technical expertise.

If you found the last time you bought forest technology required you to get into managing software, complex data or moving information between a bunch of different vendor solutions, reach out to us. The options for forestry technology have changed (but most consultants and providers have not). Our team has a proven approach for giving you simpler to use tools which keep you out of the tech business so you can remain focused on your core mission of natural resource management.

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