Demonstrating and maintaining sustainability today requires a rigorous digital strategy. As early adopters of sustainability practices for forestry and wood products, our team is versed in sustainability systems, resource and activity monitoring, analytics and integration.

  • Sustainable Systems

    Sustainability information systems are vital to organizations needing to simultaneously optimize for multiple objectives like financial, sustained yields, age structure and overall compliance.

    • Spatially enablement to incorporate local supply factors, existing available data such as municipalities or operating areas, environmental factors, land ownership and updates from satellite imagery.
    • Integrate existing data and information assets with sustainability monitoring programs.
    • Implement standards across program elements, data and analytics.
    • Interface with internal IT staff to meet IP and data security standards.
    • Auditing systems and workflows.
    • Program wide analytics and trend analysis to isolate improvement areas.
    • Architect for adaptability of input data, analysis and reporting.
    • Optional cloud managed services, software as service for rapid deployment timelines or short term projects.
  • Compliance Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring internally or with auditors is a key component of sustainability.

    • Remotely verify forest activities and compliance with real time satellite imagery and analytical automations.
    • Location based field and office software.
    • Integrated analytics which combines monitoring data with data from other business systems.
    • Location based supply and fiber resource analysis.



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  • Supply Analysis

    Don’t leave supply chain analysis to someone that doesn’t understand the industry and nuances of the wood supply chain.  

    • Implement technologies and data models for analysis from a variety of data sources.
    • Assess supply chain risks within your sourcing strategy.
    • Identify gaps in supply analysis and implement corrective actions.
    • Assess supply chain risks with specific sources or suppliers.
    • Create digital information sharing processes between your systems and with suppliers.
    • Implement process and controls for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.

    Esri arcgis forest inventory dashboard

    Real time inventory dashboard.