Next-Level Asset Insight

Welcome to a new era of forest inventory & asset management with highly-configurable and user-friendly software designed to future-proof your bottom line.


Improve planning, productivity, and safety of forest operations large and small with Stratus, the latest innovation from our partners Lim Geomatics. We leveraged our decades of forestry and geospatial domain expertise to develop this end-to-end forest management information system. Manage every step of the value chain—lidar-based inventory, cruising, road construction, wood flow logistics, short and long-term strategic plans—from this modern and intuitive digital tool.


Stratus offers capabilities you won’t find in legacy forest management systems.

  • You configure the user experience, nomenclature, colors and what users can see – the power is in your hands.
  • Modules for forest activity planning and approvals, inventory, spatial editing, contractor resource planning, monitoring of ongoing forest activities.
  • Perform critical updates including spatial edits in a web browser with no software to install.
  • A low IT footprint with no infrastructure or servers to manage.
  • Modular – subscribe to what you need.
  • Integrated with other apps like Prism and Op Tracker and the ArcGIS Platform.
  • Always up to date and always getting better.
  • The only forest management tool which brings the power of modern cloud computing to the business of forestry and natural resources.  


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