To help organizations meet growing information demands with limited staff we offer Inventory as a Service (IaaS). IaaS handles inventory from budgeting through to completion including the technology infrastructure including field work in some cases.

  • Common Forest Inventory Challenges:

    Below are some of the challenges we hear from timberland owners and managers: 

    • We’re not confident in our inventory because our cut outs are all over the board.
    • Our inventory software is like a black box and we don’t understand the methods behind its numbers.
    • Our inventory updates are taking up too much staff resources.
    • Our systems and methods are scattered across different computers and when changes need to be they must be done in multiple places.
    • Our inventory data and system is separate from our GIS and maps which makes it hard to adjust the inventory when the maps change.
  • A good Inventory is vital to decision making:

    • As the primary source of forest information, a good inventory is vital.    When your inventory numbers are on one employee’s machine or in spreadsheets, are you able to fully leverage this information asset you’ve invested heavily in?
    • Want an instant report of next year’s harvest candidates?  This is doable today, but most organizations just aren’t there.   Inventory is  often an opaque, scattered mess of spreadsheets and Access databases.
    • Is the 2 month lag between data gets collected and when it shows up in an internal reports making you chew your nails off?    Feel like your data should have quality control closer to when it collected instead of later during planning?
    • Is your inventory falling behind because it’s too difficult to keep up with?
    • Unsure if you’re inventory methods follow standards which will stand up to scrutiny?
    • Yesterday’s file and email based approaches for keeping field and office teams on the same page fall short of current business needs, causing excess costs and delays.


    We use Prism as the backbone of a modern, real time inventory system.  

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  • There's a better way:

    We can make inventory easier so that it delivers your operations dramatiocally more value. 

    • Our team setups up large inventories so that field operations, a master raw (un-grown as collected) and grown to current inventories exist simultaneously to streamline analysis such as statistics and growth, ensure data quality from the field, and to immediately update the inventory as stands are updated in the GIS.
    • Would you rather be sent a spreadsheet of inventory, or have it feed daily and directly into your forest asset infrastructure?
    • As valuable and costly to obtain information, forest inventories need to be carefully managed and protected like an asset.
    • We help dozens of organizations operate inventory systems including the technology back end, management of the field staff and data quality process.
    • We modernize inventory systems using some of the following approaches:
      • Document methods.
      • Standardization of data collection and volume computation.
      • Automation of the inventory process to eliminate manual processes and file management common to legacy systems.
      • Automation of reporting so that data is available in real time.
      • Integrate inventory processes and updates so that they are driven by harvest and silviculture activities.
      • Management of field and desktop data quality auditing.
      • Implement change management processes.
      • Role appropriate access to real time inventory for other stakeholders through apps and dashboards.
      • Automated production tracking and accounting for contractor payment processing.

    Esri arcgis forest inventory dashboard

    Real time inventory dashboard.