We’re proud to introduce OpTracker™ to the Southeastern forestry industry.

Our entire industry is experiencing increasing information demands from clients and other stakeholders, along with the need to maximize machinery production to stay profitable.

Today site prep applicators are often required to provide a treatment shapefile or professional maps to show what areas have been completed as part of a contract. Logging companies coordinating multiple crews are challenged in providing a shared view of their tracts and the status of cutting activities.

Many of the current tools for planning jobs, generating tracks of treatments and publishing professional maps of forestry work are overly technical and difficult to use.

OpTracker™ is designed by forestry professionals for forestry to provide an integrated and simple means to address challenges within the fast paced, production oriented world of logging and site preparation.

A wood dealer with several logging crews can see the progress of all sales on a map that can be shared with crews so that moves can be planned to minimize downtime. A site preparation company can provide a single source of all treatment areas in a yearly plan while seeing the real time progress of active areas.

All types of forestry companies can use OpTracker™ and its data outputs to exceed contract requirements through professional grade maps and data of treated areas.

Loggers can see timber missed by cutting machines before a crews moves, and site prep operators can identify where a gaps in treatment areas are so they can catch them immediately. Read on below to learn more about the powerful features which SFC and our industry partners are using to make an operation impact in the business of forestry.

OpTracker™ Highlights:

  • Interactive offline mobile maps with imagery for machine operators to achieve holistic view of sites for more effective planning of site work and crew communications.
  • Easy to use web application for owner/supervisors provides real time view of percent done for multiple tracks and crews, analysis, data exports and machine productivity reporting.
  • See where treatment and cutting has taken place every day to address treatment or cut coverage in stands before crews move offsite.
  • See the precise time and date of last machine operation in a tract to know if a job is down.
  • Ability to fine tune Productive Machine Hour (PMH) analysis outputs to determine machine states like idling, rolling or cutting.
  • Machine GPS tracking with advanced settings for tracking near or inside stands.
  • Visual and audible alerts for machine proximity to stands or streamside management areas.
  • Online and offline maps with imagery, stands and other features like logging decks and roads.
  • Export of treatment areas (cut, sprayed or plowed) areas as shapefiles.
  • View multiple machine tracks within a treatment or cut area by date or by operator.
  • Create professional, branded maps of treatment/cut areas for planning and compliance.
  • Boundaries and track data are secure but sharable to anyone through a variety of Esri applications like ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro and phone based apps like Collector or Explorer.
  • Equipment tracks allow landowners to reduce time GPSing or flying cutovers after completion.
  • Single sign on (SSO) for secure access with single login for both mobile and web applications.
  • Functional on all major consumer tablet hardware (Windows, Apple and Android).
  • Thoughtfully designed interfaces for ease of use, shorter project timelines and user adoption.
  • Updated and maintained directly through app stores and the web.
  • Fully supported by SFC and Lim Geomatics.

Download a 30 day OpTracker™ trial on the Esri marketplace

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